Hansen IDPA

Hansen Steel Challenge
River Rats Multi-Gun

Hansen IDPA

“IDPA Affiliated Club # C0556”
Second Saturday of each month
at 8:00am; walk-thru at 9:00am
Match fee is $25.00

HANSEN IDPA is associated with the Ft. Myers River Rats (FMRR), a member of the South West Florida Pistol Shooters www.swfps.com with matches hosted by the Hansen Gun Range.

IDPA matches are geared toward the new and average shooter, yet are challenging and rewarding for the experienced shooter, using practical handguns (9mm/.38sp. or larger) and holsters to solve simulated, “real-world” self-defense situations (real-life encounters). Shoot with others of your own skill level, from NV (novice/beginner) to MA (master).

IDPA matches are open to all who can legally own a handgun. Law enforcement and security officers are welcome (and may use either off-duty or duty equipment).

Match fee is $25. Frequent or regular participants can join the FMRR (parent club to Hansen IDPA) for $25 per year and pay only $20 per match.

The foremost requirements of IDPA are to be
“SAFE” and to have “FUN”
while improving your shooting skills.

Hansen IDPA Match Results - Latest Scores



Bill Balogh
IDPA Match Director

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