SS Test Match 12/31/22

Shannon Smith is running a test match for a concept he is working on and would love to have your participation and feedback to test flow and timing. The match consists of 3 stages, all static and less than 100 rounds. Any pistol or PCC is allowed. Any skill level is permitted but he is really looking for new and inexperienced shooters. If you have a friend that maybe has shown an interest but not competed, even better. Invite them.

All stages are from the low ready position, no belt, holster or mag pouches are required. All stages are under 10 rounds per string so if you have 3 mags you are good and we can make it work with less than that.

Cost is $10 per division; you may shoot more than one division. Random cash payback if you are shooting a Sig.

registration information will follow. For now, register at the range.

David Jenkins