USPSA 2019 LoCap Nationals Slots

First and foremost, this match will be in Frostproof Florida. We have painfully few slots for this match. That said, I don’t think either match will sell out, so if you want to shoot it you should be able to get in. Slots will be awarded only to those planning on shooting the match. Please do not ask for a slot if you are not able to commit to the match.

Anyone requesting a slot should e-mail me their request.

Match: Production/L10 or Singlestack/revolver or Both (on a case by case basis if there are unclaimed slots)
Any match wins or place in that Division/Class 2018
Any Club duties in 2018
Any matches worked in 2018
Points will be given and slots awarded on Merit.

Deadline for slot request is 3/21, slots will be awarded by 3/23

Thank you,

David Jenkins
USPSA South Florida Section Coordinator

The 2019 Red Hill Tactical
National Championship
November 3-9th, 2019
Universal Shooting Academy
Frostproof, FL
USPSA and Federal present the Red Hill Tactical “LOCAP Nationals”, at Universal Shooting Academy Frostproof, FL.
The “LOCAP” National Championship will feature Production and L10 Divisions November 3-5th, back to back with Single Stack and Revolver Divisions November 6-9th.
Per the USPSA 2018 Nationals Slot Policy, those who earned slots during 2018, including returning National Champions, Area Champions, and recognized Class and Category winners, will receive slots for entry into the match on February 22, 2019. USPSA Section Coordinators will receive slots based on reported and paid affiliate activity on February 22, 2019.
Pre-registration for all earned slots will open March 29, 2019 at 7:00pm est, and will close May 29th, 2019. All unused slots will be returned to open registration for all other competitors starting on June 1, 2019.
Earned slots will be emailed to individuals, and will only apply to the divisions in which they were earned. Remember, slots earned at Area matches are distributed exclusively to Area residents. Activity slots will be emailed to USPSA Section Coordinators for distribution.
Payment is required at the time of registration. Super Squads are based on returning top ten competitors by order of finish, all other squads are first come-first serve. AM/PM/AM or PM/AM/PM squads are available.
All registration and squad selection will be hosted on the PractiScore website.