Range News

This Sunday will be a range clean up day in preparation for the SFS Custom Gun Classic. Any who stay after the match to help with the clean up, until we are done, will have their match fee refunded. Range clean up usually takes less than an hour to complete, and many hands makes for light work. Doug King and Dave Johnson will be coordinating the clean up and repair efforts.

Next week we will be hosting the Custom Gun Classic. The Hansen Range will be closed November 8th for set up, and the 9th, 10th, and 11th for the match. Set up will begin Thursday the 8th, around 9AM, any and all are welcome to come out and help set up the match.

Next Thursday night’s match is cancelled, as is the steel challenge on the 10th and USPSA NSR match on the 11th. We will resume our normal monthly schedule after the custom gun.

There are still a few slots left for the Custom Gun Classic on Sunday, and plenty of room on Saturday. Sign up on www.matchsignup.org

See you at the range,
David Jenkins
Fort Myers Practical Shooters