“9 Days of Nationals” USPSA 2018 Handgun Nationals Slot Information

South Florida Section Shooters:

Sorry for the delay in getting slot information out. No good excuses, but I have plenty of bad ones.

The SFS received 5 slots for Match 1, Open PCC and CO; 3 Slots for Match 2, Production and SS; 4 slots for Match 3, Limited and Revolver (maybe L10).

I will be granting these out on a merit system. If you want a slot email me dejenkins4@embarqmail.com with the following information:

Name and USPSA number
Which nationals you want to shoot
Placement in Area, State, and Sectional matches in 2017
Matches worked in 2017
Local Club duties and responsibilities

Please only request one slot per person. I will be reaching out to other sections for additional slots as needed. I will award all slots by March 17th.

That said, in the 3 years I have worked the nationals, it has never sold out. If you want to shoot one of these matches, or all of them, you will be able to. Open registration will begin June 1st, if you don’t receive a slot, jump in when regular registration opens.

Good luck and see you at the Nationals.

2018 Federal Premium USPSA
“9 Days of Nationals”
The buzz and excitement about the USPSA National Championships in October at Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, FL have been overwhelmingly positive from both competitors and sponsors!
USPSA issued earned slots from Nationals, Area Championships, and affiliate activity based slots for each section on February 1, 2018. The slot codes were emailed to earners and Section Coordinators February 1, 2018. Pre-registration will be open from February 15, 2018 through May 31, 2018 for USPSA members that received a slot from:
o -Nationals performance (see policy posted on USPSA webpage)
o -Area performance (see policy posted on USPSA webpage)
o -Section Coordinators (awards vary based on section bylaws)
o -Sponsor slots
Open Registration begins on June 1, 2018. Please note that this match is expected to fill up quickly, so mark your calendars and set reminders, as this is the last chance to enter the match if you didn’t get an earned slot, section slot, or sponsor slot.
The National Championship formats for 2018 are:
• The SIG Sauer Optics Nationals –October 20-22, 2018
• Slot Holder Pre-Registration (REGISTRATION LINK)
o Open Division – Sponsored by Akai Custom Guns
o Carry Optics Division – Sponsored by Walther Arms
o PCC Division – Sponsored by JP Enterprises

• The CZ-USA Factory Gun Nationals – October 23-25, 2018
• Slot Holder Pre-Registration (REGISTRATION LINK)
o Production Division – Sponsored Red Hill Tactical
o Single Stack Division – (awaiting confirmation)

• The STI International Limited Nationals – Oct 26-28, 2018
• Slot Holder Pre-Registration (REGISTRATION LINK)
o Limited Division – Sponsored by Blue Bullets
o Revolver Division – Sponsored by Hogue Inc.
o Limited 10 – (awaiting confirmation)

• The Glock Option 3 Aggregate Match – all three national matches
o Participants who complete in all three national matches will be entered into the aggregate match.
o Scoring is based on overall percentage finish in each match, with all three percentages added together to determine aggregate score. (example: 90%+92%+89%=271 points)
o 1st-10th place will be awarded $500 each.
o 11th-20th place will be awarded GLOCK Pistol Certificates.