Congratulations Shootout in the Swamp XII Winners

The Double Cross at Yucca Pens was a big success.  Congratulations to the Winners:

Jeremiah Longknife – Overall Men’s Champion and Elder Statesman Winner

Velvet Sheath – Overall Women’s Champion and 49er Winner

Thunderbolt Hayes – Men’s Senior Winner, Speed Shotgun & Speed Rifle Winner

Deadly Don – Men’s 49er Winner

Polecat Joe – Men’s Cattle Baron Winner

Waimea – Men’s Outlaw Winner

Doc J H Huckleberry – Men’s Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Winner

Cowboy Jon – Buckaroo Winner

Charlie Concho – Men’s B-Western Winner

Fancy Filly – Women’s B-Western Winner

J T Quarter Main – Double Dualist Winner

Larry Earp – Dualist Winner

Lawless Len – Speed Pistol Winner

Curly Walker – Long Range Rifle Winner

Ricochet Ray – Pistol Poker Winner


And a big thanks for all the help and donations given:

Door prizes: Artistic Blades, Dingus, Lake County Pistoleros, Outlaw Bullets, Pecos River Bob, Shoot Straight, Waimea.

Die Hard for stage and story writing; Preacherman for Match Director and Cowboy Church, Waimea for the ice cream; Vaquero Tom and Lawless Len for prop construction; Fancy Filly and Waimea for Awards; Fancy Filly and Pecos River Bob for score keeping; Dingus for the facilities; Curly Walker for door prize distribution; Jed and Curly Walker for Long Range Rifle RO; Waimea for Speed Match(s) RO; Preacherman for Pistol Poker RO.

And to all the Waddies for their help and set-up: Barb Egmore, Curly Walker, Die Hard, Fancy Filly, Fireweed, Kathy Walker, Lawless Len, MaryAnne Harden, Pecos River Bob, Vaquero Tom, Waimea.