Shootout in the Swamp XIII

November 17, 2018 Hansen Range, Yucca Pens, FL. This year`s Shootout in the Swamp proved to be a challanging Cowboy Action match with only one clean match recorded.  Lately, typical cowboy matches are fast with close and big targets.  Such was not the case this in this tournment as gun sights had to actually be used.   But fun was had and prizes and awards were plentiful.

Our new outhouse prop was utilized to replicate a scene from the movie Unforgiven where the occupant got his just reward. Other stages recreated shootout scenes from Open Range, The Professionals, Bandolero, Quigly Down Under, My Darling Clemintine, Outlaw Jose Wales and The Magnificent Seven.

The field included 30 competitors with shootists from all over South Florida, even a current Single Action Shooting Society World Champion and last year`s Shootout overall Men`s and Lady`s Champions.

Congratulations to Charlie Concho as our one and only Clean Match winner,  Velvet Sheath as our 2-time overall Lady’s Champion,  and Cheyenne Culpepper as our overall Men`s Champion.

Catagory winners (with 3 or more participants) were, Polecat Joe, Cattle Baron Champion; Jeremiah Longknife, Elder Statesman Champion; Thunderbolt Hayes, Senion Champion; and Lawless Len, Silver Senior Champion.

On a sad note, we did have a serious hand injury from a richochet.  Sassie L`Heureux needed medical attention, and we wish her a speedy recovery.

And many thanks go out to all the waddies, helpers and donors who made this a successful event.  Next year’s stage writer’s promise a `fast & furious` event.  See you then!

Happy Trails,