South Florida Section Custom Gun Classic Shooter’s Briefing and Stages


Thank you for signing up to compete in the South Florida Section Custom Gun Classic on November 12th and 13th at the Hansen Range in Punta Gorda, FL. Directions to our range can be found on our web-site The stages are also available on our web-site.

Registration will open at 8AM, and first shots will be at 9AM sharp. Attached are the stages and schedule. If any changes need to be made to your registration please contact me by e-mail as soon as possible. At registration you will also be asked to verify your class, division, PF, and Categories again for stats accuracy. Please take the minute to do this.

There will be additional parking areas on either side of the shotgun range, please do not block the driveways.

The Custom Gun Classic is a USPSA sanctioned level II match and all USPSA rules will be followed. Please assist the RO’s with pasting and resetting the stage after each shooter is scored. For safety reasons, Hansen Range does not permit intentionally driving down steel.

There will be SAFE TABLES at several locations. Please do not” gun up” or handle your firearm anywhere but at the safe tables.

Lunch will be provided.

There will be a raffle each day of the competition closely following last shots while the days scores are finalized and posted. Raffle tickets will be for sale all day. The raffle prizes will be on display after lunch.

Trophies will be presented following the raffle on Sunday. You are welcomed to bring a chair and beverage of your choice. Live music from John Wesley is planned. Awards will be mailed to anyone who is not present.

There will also be a prize for the “Shooter in the Middle”. Whoever places dead center on the combined overall results will win a gun.

Have a safe and fun match, see you at the range,

David Jenkins
Match Director